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We are backed by years of proven experience for a diverse scaffolding portfolio- small & large scale, commercial & industrial, domestic & temporary, complex & difficult.

We provide stable roofing Scaffold for all your roof repairs for any type of requirements in and around the Birmingham West Midlands area.

Need to repaint or repair a chimney? Contact us for any scaffolding requirements. We have everything for the ultimate access experience.

Mobile towers may provide the right solution for the job. Freestanding scaffolds, Scaffold towers are self-supporting units.

If your home is under construction or you need domestic scaffold hire, look no further than RG Contractors

Contact Us for any kind of Platform Gantry requirements. We are available across Birmingham West Midlands.

Need temporary roofing for any events? Contact us for professional services at a reasonable price.

Rely on the enduring legacy of Scaffolding in West Midlands built on impeccable work processes, quality equipment, health & safety practices and technology.

Materials we use in the scaffolding structures are of highest quality industry standards and all the scaffolding structures undergoes routine checks for any defects or strength issues. Birmingham No1 in the West Midlands.

The Cost of Scaffolding and scaffold inspection in birmingham

We take immense pride in every job we undertake and hence we make sure we deliver the job with perfection and quality. Upon taking up a contract, we will visit the location first and prepare suitable Scaffolding design.

Health and Safety of our employees as well as other personnel on site is of paramount importance to us. We make sure we adhere to all security norms and regulations to be adhered during the scaffolding work.

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Co-create your growth with RG Scaffolding in Birmingham, where customer well-being is the cornerstone of a relationship.

We do quite a lot work in West Midlands we moved to this company through recommendation and have never looked back, the Scaffolding service i first class, Ricki and his team are always there when needed.

The RG Scaffolding team were efficient, polite and professional. safety inspections were often or when needed. All work was done on time and with attention to detail.

I have used this company on several occasions. They are very professional at Scaffolding, and does what he says he is going to do. He manages his team well and they were all very conscientious workers.


Very professional, from arriving to give us a quote which we found very competitive to the completion of the job we wanted done. All the team were very helpful and cleaned up after each day of work. All in all we would recommend RG Scaffolding.

We used this Scaffold Company when we had our extension done. Very professional service. The scaffolding was put up quickly and efficiently by very some really friendly guys, they tidied up after they left as well, no mess left in the garden. Great price for brilliant service. Would 100% use again.

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