I’m a Scaffolder Get me Out of Here!

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a Scaffolder Get me Out of Here!

I’m a Scaffolder Get me Out of Here!

Have you ever thought about a bad scaffolding job and considered shouting ‘I’m a Scaffolder Get me Out of Here!’? No? Well what if you got asked to appear on a popular UK Reality TV Show that made you eat bugs, crawl into deep dark holes in the ground, would you shout it then?

a Scaffolder Get me Out of Here!

When ITV announced that popular UK Show I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here would return, but to be filmed in the United Kingdom instead of its more exotic location in Australia, some people had mixed feelings. The Show is to be filmed in Wales at Gwrych Castle instead of the bug infested jungle due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on flying to other countries. However, some scaffolders have been called in to fix the structural concerns amid “vertical cracking”

The shows theme will ditch the jungle and creepy insects for a hunted castle, but due to the buildings age, ITV have called in emergency work to fix the structure before filming is set to start. It is rumoured that the show will also feature a white ghostly woman who will attempt to scare the celebrities while on a mission to collect stars for their camp.


Sticking with the medieval setting, a celebrity will eventually become King or Queen of the castle – instead of King and Queen of the jungle. Hopefully, we hope the team can help finish the work with the scaffolding and remove it time for the show to start in November 2020.

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