Are Scaffolders Allowed to Work

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two healthy scaffolders

The Coronavirus has had a significant impact on businesses, such as RG Scaffolding, it’s affecting operations, supply chains, customer engagement and service. So, our biggest question is, are scaffolders really allowed to work again?

Are Scaffolders allowed to work again?

RG Scaffolding in Birmingham are here to do all we can to help and support you in this difficult period. Over the coming weeks we’ll continue to pass on information that we think will help you, so please keep visiting this page for what we anticipate will be daily updates.

Are we Allowed to work?

It’s time to restart and return back to work, well that’s the Government message anyway! Regardless of location, and your government’s stance on exiting lockdown, it is clear that we are entering the next phase of the ‘new normal’ that we’ve been reading and hearing about.

With so much uncertainty surrounding every aspect of being allowed to work again, our own well-being needs to be our biggest priority. Some enter this next phase fighting fit, having made the most of our allowed exercise times, others feel fully rested and recharged having used the time to unwind.

There are also a large number who have (struggled throughout the pandemic, and it is worth acknowledging that this is perfectly acceptable given that humans are notoriously bad at dealing with and adapting to sudden change.

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