Frequently Asked Questions About Scaffolding

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scaffolding

Here at RG Scaffolding, we get asked many questions about Scaffolding from health and safety to the different jobs, here we’ll answer them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scaffolding near Birmingham

The Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Must I use a tag system on a Scaffold?

Although tag systems are not a legal requirement, the law does say that an inspection is a requirement especially, if the scaffolding erectors falls more than 2 metres or more and the issue of a report by a competent person, on a completion and weekly thereafter.

However, a risk assessment may find the need for more frequent inspection of scaffolding. The inspection may also be a required after bad weather and always after any modification.

Using a visible tag system may supplement the inspection reports, but it is a useful way of ensuring those who need to use the scaffolding know that it is safe to use on the construction project.

Q2) What Qualifications do I need?

Here at RG Scaffolding, we have strict rules and scaffolding should be designed, erected, altered and dismantled only by competent people and the work should always be carried out under the direction of a competent supervisor. This is a requirement of the Work at Height Regulations 2005

How to hire a Scaffolder in Solihull, Birmingham

Q3) How can I prevent falls?

You can prevent falls during the erection of scaffolding by using an advanced guard rail system. Where this is not practicable, workers should wear harnesses to arrest their fall.

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