Brexit Boost for RG Scaffolding in Birmingham

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Brexit Boost

A Brexit Boost has been given to Solihull-based RG Scaffolding, a Scaffold hire business in Birmingham over the past year. Ricki Grenfell, owner of the company had this to say: “Even during the uncertainty caused by Brexit, it did not really affect our business here in the Birmingham and the West Midlands. In fact, our customers had made a switch from buying more to hiring more because they didn’t want to be too committed, so they chose to hire us.”

UK is the main market for scaffolding hire

It is reported that the UK is the main market for scaffolding hire because British companies and customers tend to hire more than they buy, whereas in the EU companies tend to buy more than they hire – so, don’t worry about Brexit, we’ve got this! The turmoil caused by Brexit was a split between the sale and rental of scaffolding in the West Midlands area such as, Solihull and West Bromwich was 70/30. Over the past year, as the Brexit turbulence reached a climax, that split shifted to about 60/40.

Boost for Scaffolding-Birmingham
Birmingham Scaffolfing-Solihull-large-building Scaffolding

This change happened quite quickly in early 2019, RG Scaffolding had to quickly invest more in its rental fleet to respond to the higher demand. Looking ahead at how the market for scaffolding rental might develop in the future. It’s an interesting market. We are also developing in other counties, especially in East Midlands, Yorkshire and London.

Hazards on scaffolding

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