Protecting Site Workers

Protecting Site Workers As of July 4th 2020, Lockdown restrictions will once again ease meaning more shops, bars, and construction sites can reopen as normal (well following strict government guidelines). But how will we keep protecting our site workers? The aim is to slowly phase out of Lockdown permanently so the country can get back […]

Scaffold Boards

The Best Scaffold Boards Within the Scaffolding Industry, timber scaffold boards are always considered as being vital for our job. Scaffold Boards are often used on site for a variety of other functions – walkways across muddy ground and other kneeling boards. However, broken scaffold boards can be the cause of some serious accidents while […]

Safety Alert over Dodgy Face Masks

Project Restart is in order for businesses and scaffolding workers to get back to some sort of normality since the Coronavirus Outbreak, however, HSE (The Health and Safety Executive) have issued a safety alert over dodgy Chinese face-masks which are flooding the UK market. Safety Alert for Scaffolders The HSE has stated a safety alert […]

Front and Side Scaffolding for Houses

Here at RG Scaffolding Birmingham, we work directly with each individual household and business companies, as well as local authorities too. As a construction company and part of the RG Contractors family, we provide excellent service. For building Front and Side Scaffolding for Houses.  Our Services Our services include straightforward scaffolding, access towers, gantries, shoring, temporary […]

5 Ways to Keep Scaffolders Healthy

RG Scaffolding Birmingham have posted guidelines for worker safety specifics to help limit the spread of the Coronavirus within the Construction industry. It is at our best interest to keep scaffolders healthy during this pandemic, while we are still able to work. Healthy Scaffolders, Happier workers Construction and Scaffolding workers at most sites in the […]

Looking for Stairway Scaffolding?

Are you looking for Stairway Scaffolding? That’s the question asked by one of our recent customers, Hurjoht Singh. Here at RG Scaffolding Birmingham, we would recommend using this Stairway access Tower when painting and decorating stairways or narrow access passages within the Birmingham and West Midlands area. These scaffolding are easy to erect and […]

Scaffolding Update amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 weeks since we’ve been dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic and us here at RG Scaffolding in Birmingham have issued an update every day since the outbreak began.   Scaffolding Update Following from the Easter Break, which offered the opportunity to re-group and look ahead, more scaffolding and […]

Scaffold Company: Shares, Growth and Statistics

Here at RG Scaffolding, a scaffold company in Birmingham, we have provided a detailed research study which covers the current COVID-19 impact on the scaffolding industry. The pandemic of the coronavirus has affected every aspect of life globally, and has brought along several changes in the market including the construction sector. The rapidly changing scaffold […]

Scaffold Inspection Closed due to COVID-19

Scaffold Inspection Closed due to COVID-19 Three weeks of Lockdown within the United Kingdom, and the whole covid-19 crisis hasn’t changed. Much of the UK is at a standstill, while most construction and scaffolding employers wrestle with unclear Government advice as to whether to stay open or close the sites down, and have their scaffold […]

Don’t Put Pressure on Scaffolding Specialists

Ricki Grenfell, the Manager Director of RG Scaffolding is calling on main contractors to refrain from placing unreasonable pressure on scaffolding specialists to continue working on site due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Scaffolding Specialists Pressure The Governments latest COVID-19 restrictions has not put a stop to Birmingham’s Construction industry, meaning that no contractor should […]