Behind the Scaffolding: Church Tour

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How much is it to hire scaffolding in 2020?
Church tour that is covered in Scaffolding

Church Tour

The Mayor of Birmingham scaled the church tower this morning to see the progress of the repair works. The local council recently donated £40,000 to St Michael’s Parish Church to help pay for urgent repairs needed to the Saxon tower. As the oldest part of the church, the repairs had cost around £150,000 from the local council.

Ricki, Owner of RG Scaffolding-Solihull, had a visit the church to see how work was progressing. He mentions: “They braved very high winds to scale the scaffolding and see the restoration work up close.” They were shown around by the site manager, and had the opportunity to speak to those working on the project.

He also said: “I really appreciated the visit. It was good to get so close to the work being done and the problems revealed with the old rendering removed.” The Imitative and undertaking the work is a great credit to all who are making this important restoration possible. I don’t envy them working in these weather conditions, but it is a satisfaction of when the work is all finished.

the new outer surface will have quite a visual impact and, such is the church’s prominent location, will be seen from all parts of the town


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