COVID-19 fines were handed out for a pair of Yobs caught climbing scaffolding in Warwickshire this week. Calls were made to Warwickshire Police to report unusual activity in Leamington Town centre.

Yobs caught climbing scaffolding in Warwickshire

Climbing on Scaffolding without permission

Police Officers arrived at 3am on Tuesday, February 23rd as they witnessed two people climbing on scaffolding on a building site in the town centre. Both suspects, who haven’t been identified for legal reasons, could not explain their actions. So, they were reported for fines of leaving home without a reasonable excuse.


Throughout the National Lockdown across England, households must not leave or be outside of your home except where necessary, such as shopping for basic necessities, going to work when you cannot work from home, or excising.

Yobs caught climbing scaffolding in Warwickshire

Where reasonably practicable, unauthorised access onto a construction site should be prevented by a site perimeter fence, which should be continuous and fixed in place around the construction site. Gaps between gates and the ground and between fixed and moveable fencing should be minimised so that small children cannot climb through or under.


Site security should be regularly checked and reviewed to ensure perimeter fencing is kept in good order and that there are no materials, skips, plant, etc stored or parked where they may assist a trespasser to climb into the site.

The Dangers of Public Accessing

Members of the public accessing scaffolding structures and construction sites is a serious concern, but often those passing by outside of site boundaries find themselves at risk.  By accessing scaffolding, individuals clearly put themselves at risk.


Those not in the industry, particularly children, see an exciting tangle of metal tubes and the new and unknown environment and potential ‘playground’ this offers acts an enticement to those that are too young or risk unaware to recognise the dangers.

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The Cost of Scaffolding and scaffold inspection in birmingham

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