Back to Work! PM Tells Construction Workers

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Boris Johnson urges Construction workers to go back to work

In the yesterday’s evening broadcast with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced to the nation it was time to re-open construction sites and let construction workers back to work.

Boris Johnson urges Construction workers to go back to work

“Back to work Construction Workers” – Boris Johnson, Prime Minister

In a televised address to the construction workers of the scaffolding and manufacturing industries must be actively encouraged to go back to work. Boris also relaxed some of the restrictions of the UK Lockdown, but still mentioning that the main restriction is still in place and will not be fully lifted this week.

Instead, the government will be taking the ‘first careful steps’ to modify the measures, making it safe to get back to work but without the use of public transport…. Confused? Read on, we can simplify it for you.

What does this mean for RG Scaffolding?

For your ‘Birmingham Scaffolding experts’, RG Scaffolding will be going back to work this week, we’ll be operating as normal with a few safety measures in place to keep yourselves and our team safe, such as ‘Social Distancing’ and washing facilities to keep up the good hygiene and stop the spread of the virus.

This applies to scaffolding at a residential property as well, it is at our best interest to protect those who are vulnerable to the virus, but also continue any work within the safety measures being put in place by the Government – We can accept payment through invoice and bank transfers, so you don’t have to handle money, and we can assure you that you don’t have to come outside.

What does this mean for Construction workers?

Construction workers currently on the ‘Furlough Scheme’ set by the Government can start back at work from Monday 11th May 2020. Each worker will be given a medical test ensuring that they’re all fit and safe to be back on site.

As always, contact us for more information

RG Scaffolding Solihull started in Birmingham West Midlands in 2007. Our team have a wealth of experience in all aspects and access Scaffolding and design. We have a specialist team dedicated to working with you to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed. You can contact us here for a free obligation quote today.

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