How has Coronavirus affected the Scaffolding Industry?

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More than two months have passed now, 10 weeks of Lockdown in the Birmingham region in its efforts to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. This has inevitably had an impact on all industries around the UK, including the scaffolding and construction industry.

RG Scaffolding Birmingham· How the coronavirus affected the Industry

How has Coronavirus affected RG Scaffolding?

For many weeks, construction sites and scaffolding companies including RG Scaffolding Solihull were struggling to stay open as the country went into a state of lockdown, but now that some restrictions are beginning to ease, work has been able to start again, but with some distinct differences.

The Pandemic has had an enormous impact on the way the scaffolding and construction industry operates, and it will continue to do for so many months to come. So, how exactly has the virus impacted RG Scaffolding?

Training and Courses

RG Scaffolding Birmingham - Boris Johnson announces Lockdown

When Boris Johnson announced on the 23rd March 2020 that the United Kingdom was going into Lockdown – well people were urged to stay at home”, schools, colleges and universities were told to close its doors for the foreseeable future, as well as training centres and other educational buildings.  

This has meant that scaffolding training was halted entirely, and some scaffolders have been unable to take part in vital training necessary to maintain high levels of scaffolding health and safety, there is also also some workers waiting for the opportunity to refresh their CISRS Cards

However, with some of the restrictions easing, some scaffolding training can resume as early as June 2020.

Experts have also turned to new ways to ensure those in the scaffolding industry can continue to learn, via online or social distancing training rooms.

Procedures on Scaffolding Sites

Since the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Government has been keen for construction workers to continue their work, as long as they follow certain recommended restrictions. This presents the scaffolding industry with a challenge.

To ensure that scaffolding workers are safe from typical risks presented on a construction site, they must also ensure that they are maintaining a safe distance to try and stop (unknowingly) spreading the virus. Much of the guidance that has been provided is generic in nature and for that reason, training providers are working hard on how it can be applied.

Here at RG Scaffolding, we have shared our internal guidance for our scaffolders produced by Birmingham Council on some of the ways to social distance while working or outside.

  • Lone travelling
  • not mixing with work groups
  • One-way systems
  • Staggered shift and break times
  • Hand-sanitiser on site
  • More space in break out and wash room facilities
  • Limiting the number of workers using hoists and lifts
  • Regularly cleaning equipment and common touch points (e.g. buttons and handles)
Heavy machinery at Solihull College, Birmingham

Our team is continuing to adapt to these new measures and ensure safety that not only complies with Government guidelines, but that we also provide advice and guidance on issues that could face our scaffolding contractors.

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