Do I need scaffolding to replace guttering?

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RG Scaffolding Birmingham Guttering

When stuck at home, all jobs can start getting finished – cleaning the guttering, roof repairs, etc. But are these types of jobs that you need scaffolding for? You don’t always need professionals, but they do have the experience when operating big towers such as, scaffolding

RG Scaffolding Birmingham Guttering

Do I need Scaffolding for Guttering Replacement?

Much of the official health and safety advice states that, for any domestic roof repairs, scaffolding is needed. But scaffolding can seem unnecessary for small one-man jobs, so in these cases, it is often considered perfectly acceptable to use a ladder that is safely secured.

Before you attempt to clean the guttering, it is essential that you fully consider your ability to do the job safely. Whilst relatively simple, many guttering and roofing jobs are crucial to ensuring your entire building remains in a good and stable condition.  

If not done professionally, water can get through and damage internal ceilings and walls, or can even leave a bad smell to say the least. If you have any doubt, you can contact RG Scaffolding Birmingham in SolihullWest Midlands.

What are the Rules for a Big Job?

Health and safety will nearly always advise that if you have more than four people working at height then a proper risk assessment needs to be carried out, the result of which will often conclude the safest way to do this is with scaffolding, and working on a Birmingham Construction site.

How to keep your scaffolders healthy

RG Scaffolding workers who work on the entire roof will also need scaffolding. This is not only designed to keep those working at height safe, but also those on the ground. If there is any risk of tools or materials falling from the roof, then scaffolding with an edge fitted around the platform is essential.

This type of scaffolding can be hired easily from many local scaffolding suppliers. If materials are being passed from the roof to the ground a chute can be fitted to the edge of the scaffolding to allow for safe transportation.

How long will it take?

A scaffolding job is more than likely to last more than a couple of days, or particularly if the weather is looking temperamental, scaffolding is also advised. It can help when covering up an unfinished roof or cleaning the guttering.

If your repairs involve working on a chimney you should always consider scaffolding to allow you a safe platform to work from. There are other alternatives, but none are as safe as scaffolding and your safety is well worth paying that little bit extra for.

Inspect the Harness

It is important that harnesses must be examined or have anyone inspect the harness every 12 months, and it should also be a subject to Pre-Use Checks, detailed periodic inspections and interim inspections.

These must be carried out before each use and should include the following visual and tactile inspections such as:

Webbing – Check the signs of damage like bobbing/strained or badly pulled webbing, cracks, cuts and fraying, as well as loose stitching or fading which may affect the strength.

Buckles – Make sure all rivets are tight and the buckles aren’t bent, chipped or have sharp edges that could damage the rest of the harness.

D-Rings: Check for any signs of distortion, fatigue or rust and make sure the ring pivots freely.

The Straps – You must carefully check the straps and also the rope for signs of fraying or broken fibres, also check for loose stitching.

Most importantly, is the label, serial number and inspection all date? This could be missed if not checked.

Do I need scaffolding to replace guttering? 1

Wearing a Harness incorrectly could be dangerous and risk your life if not wearing correctly, so, it is important and essential that you follow these simple instructions and report any damages immediately.

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