The HAKITEC Roof · Temporary Roof Systems

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RG Scaffolding - Roofing in Birmingham

The HAKITEC roof, designed to be quickly assembled to provide robust weather protection and covering medium to large construction sites. This uses very few components; making it simple to build by a scaffolder is supposed to be a safe zone for the available space on site.

Erection of the HAKITEC

An innovative roll-out method of erection is also popular, as this ensures safe erection from secure, guarded platforms and removes the need for scaffolders to work on roof trusses.

Temporary Roofing - HAKITEC Roof

Using strong aluminium beams that is 750mm deep, the HAKITEC can be easily tailored so roofing can cover and span across, giving a roof pitch of 15 degrees or 22.5 degrees. The system can also be used for either a polygonal roof.

The beams have been designed to provide extremely strong structures with large spans and have long-service life, for projects that continue over extended periods.

It’s Robust!

It’s equally robust as most traditional roofing systems, the HAKITEC is made heavily from reinforced LD Polythene, which is cut to size and suitably fixed to braced guardrails frames that avoid any possible leaks.

Alternatively, the hard-wearing sheeting that is very easy to fit with aluminium tracks. This type of sheeting is manufactured in fixed lengths but can easily be provided with extra pockets for greater flexibility.  

The Cost of Scaffolding and scaffold inspection in birmingham

These are tailored to the length of the lattice beams and fixed with track clamp saddles and spring pints. They are then joined using track joint plates and seals. A ridge roller is then fitted at the ridge for simpler fitting and stretching of the sheeting. A 24m sheet can then be used on foods with widths from 18-24m several times in succession.


This particular range uses the ‘hook on’ locking catching system, meaning the prefabricated components are not at risk of displacement which also means that it can be re-utilized in other roofing structures.

A list of Benefits

  • Safe methods of erection from scaffolder safe zone, including innovative roll-out approach
  • Robust 750mm aluminium beam for large spans over extended periods of time
  • Option of 15° or 22.5° pitch, polygonal roof
  • Specialized, heavily reinforced LD polythene sheeting
  • Reusable components with other HAKI structures
  • Can be adapted to all types of buildings, ships, and construction sites
  • Improved worker well-being
  • Reduced risk of moisture damage to buildings
  • Projects continue on-schedule irrespective of weather conditions

RG Scaffolding-Solihull | Birmingham hire have said, for smaller projects we recommend that you downsize to the HAKITEC 450 Roof with the same great benefits of the 750 system, as this uses the 450mm Aluminium beams.  

About our Roofing Systems

We provide temporary roofing made of high-quality raw materials available in various attractive patterns. Our temporary roofing systems have tensile strength and durability to withstand extreme climatic conditions and can be used to set up a concert stage or temporary roofs to protect machinery and equipment that are susceptible to rusting due weather change.

We offer best quality temporary roofing system available in different sizes that provide temporary roof coverage with a shrink wrap or corrugated tin roofing. They are environmentally-friendly and more secure than standard roofing.

How to hire a Scaffolder in Solihull, Birmingham

We offer many types of Temporary roofing systems like the HAKITEC System, such as, standard roofs, corrugated tin roofing or shrink wrap roofs suitable for smaller temporary roofs. Both types are much more secure than the standard temporary roofing as they are weatherproof and environmentally friendly being 100% recyclable.

Our RG Scaffolding-Solihull technical team and service providers set up the temporary roofing system within the designated time and disassemble based on the requirement for desired location within the Birmingham and West Midlands area.

About Us

At RG Contractors scaffolding we specialise in the supplying, set-up and dismantling of access towers for all types of domestic and commercial construction work. Access towers are a safe and often cheaper solution to provide access to the roof of a building. 

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