Hire a Scaffolder in Birmingham

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Scaffolding Solihull - worker with the right tools

Hire a Scaffolder in Birmingham

Looking to do some work at a height? Our Scaffolders and Scaffold towers provider a save alternative to ladders. Simply Hire a Scaffolder and call us today. Our Hire rates and delivery chargers are some of the best in the construction industry.  

How to hire a Scaffolder in Solihull, Birmingham

What our customers say when they hire us

“I hire a scaffolder to do some work on my mums house. I don’t have experience in scaffolding, so I got them deliver and work on my mum’s house in Birmingham. They turned up as expected and was erected when expected. Good service from your guys on the phone and the team that helped on this big project. ”

Brief history about Scaffolding

Have you ever thought what you may look like as a caveman? How do I go about to hire a scaffolder in the prehistoric ages? It has been known that Scaffolding dates back to the prehistoric times due to holes that still exist in the walls of the Palaeolithic caves at Lascaux in South-Western France. They were used for staging to enable the primitive occupants to paint their famous wall paintings over 17,000 years ago.

In the early days, before the introduction of the metal tubes in the early 1900’s, wooden branches or lengths of bamboo were used as scaffolding construction. Following the Second World War, a massive building program was begun to reconstruct many of the bombed areas of Britain such as Birmingham and Hull. 

The first frame system was introduced in 1944, and a year later its use was adopted for rebuilding projects throughout the Birmingham and West Midlands area, allowing other companies to follow in becoming a successful construction company today in the construction industry.


Safety has always been a priority for scaffolders, even for employers hiring them. In the early years, workers were recruited to work on building sites unskilled. However, it’s not like that anymore. When working or erecting scaffolding in the vicinity of a construction site, it is critical that minimum clearances be observed and/or that power lines are de-energised or insulated by the power company if nearby.

Clearances apply to the tools and equipment being used in the vicinity of the power lines, materials being handled, any scaffolding component, and any part of a person’s body. For clearance distances for insulated and uninsulated power lines.

Employees working on scaffolding should be careful if the surface is covered with snow, ice, or other slippery material, except as necessary to remove such materials. Work on or from scaffolds is also prohibited during storms or high winds unless a competent person has determined that it is safe for employees to be on the scaffold and those employees are protected by personal fall arrest systems or wind screens.


Ladders or makeshift devices, such as boxes, chairs, etc. shall not be used on top of scaffolding platforms, which will increase the working level height for all scaffolders working on the scaffolding structure.

Scaffolding Training in Birmingham

Hire Prep


Before you start hire process of getting a scaffolder, either for erecting it or working at heights, it is important to consider the following:

  • Consider what work tasks will be performed, anticipated loads for people, materials, and equipment, any unique building configurations which may create a problem, and electrical or piping obstructions which are in the area.
  • Will the scaffolding be set up on a concrete foundation, pavement/asphalt, or earth? If set up on earth, what class of soil is present and is the area level? Are there weather conditions to consider?
  • The height of the scaffolding and secure building structure designed by a qualified person
  • Building accesses must be maintained and overhead protection may be required.

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