How much is it to Hire Scaffolding in 2020?

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How much is it to hire scaffolding in 2020?

How much is it to Hire Scaffolding in 2020?

No matter what everyone is doing this year, you can still count on construction workers to keep the economy going with more building projects in the pipeline for this year and beyond. But what if your project needs some extra support? How much is it to hire scaffolding in 2020? Surly, it can’t be any different to 2019, right?  

What is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is indispensable as safety and access equipment when working at a very high environment. Many people look at the cost of scaffolding, and instantly dismiss it, preferring the riskier option of using a ladder. ‘Working on a Ladder’ days are long gone, so it is now the norm for a trained scaffolder to decide whether it is safe to work from ladders or scaffolding depending on the type of project.

How much is it to hire scaffolding for Housing Projects?

Ricki Grenfell, owner of RG Scaffolding says you can’t just cobble together a few lengths of timber, build a platform and call it scaffold. For most scaffolding requirements, the structure will be built to a set and standardised design, using specific components.

However, you can’t use a straightforward design, then a competent person must create a customised design. This will ensure the strength and stability of the scaffolding remains safe while in use.

Duration of hire

Here at RG Scaffolding-Solihull we charge for erection work at the start of the hire period as well as dismantling at the end. This will be a standard charge based on mileage and size of the job irrespective of the hire duration. Additionally, you will have a hire-rate depending on the length of time you intend keeping the scaffold.

How much is it to Hire Scaffolding in 2020? That's what many people are asking today. The scaffolder in the picture is an example of someone being hired for a job.

For Instance, you must be careful when you have the scaffolding erected. You don’t want to pay for unused scaffolding, so order the erection just before the work starts and finish as soon as possible.


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