A scaffolding company based in Warwickshire has provided access scaffolds and temporary roofs for a multi-million-pound refurbishment and expansion of the historic Town Hall.  

Historic Town Hall gets makeover

The local firm told the press that work on the project commenced in November 2019 and was scheduled to run for 18 months. However, despite delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the transformation is set to be complete later this year.

What is the deal about the Historic Town Hall?

What is the deal about the Historic Town Hall?

The grade-II listed building was originally built in 1906, and boasts a rich and interesting history. For instance, the historic venue played host to rock legend, David Bowie’s wedding to Angie in March 1970, and most recently acted as a film location for the 2019 Queen biopic: “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

It is also reported that the extension also houses an underground nuclear fall-out shelter in the basement, which was built during the cold war. But with the multi-million-pound project well underway, we will see a new repurposed into a new complex of’73,000ft of co-working office space, a café/bar, indoor and outdoor communal space, and a David Bowie themed hotel.

Historic Town Hall gets makeover, with the help of rg scaffolding
New Design, Old Features

The new design will make use of many of the original period features, with restoration of cornices, domes and the ornate stone staircase, and repairs to the red brick façade. However, once the restoration is complete, it will give the town of Bromley a much-needed commercial boost and provide the public a place to visit after a year of being locked down.

All About RG Scaffolding!

RG Scaffolding is known for designing, supplying and erecting a huge amount of scaffolding to facilitate ambitious projects, forming access scaffolds to numerous buildings to provide a safe environment for the tradesmen and women working at height.

Not only that, RG Scaffolding has also installed temporary roofs – all standing at one time, but independent from one another, which provided protection from unpredictable British weather which can occur during any project.

Ricki Grenfell, owner of RG Scaffolding who leads many of the scaffolding projects says: “Many of our projects have been interesting to work on, but it’s not come without a few challenges, especially when it comes to erecting temporary roofs.” However, even though temporary roofs are usually a challenge, once a project is completed, it can make the team look back proudly and say: “I had a hand in that”..

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