Is Scaffolding Dangerous ?

People who work at height are faced with the risk of accident and injury every day. However, those who work with Scaffolding are particularly at risk as there are so many things that scaffold employers and companies must consider before it can be considered safe to work with.

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4 reasons why you might think: Is scaffolding dangerous?

For example, last year scaffolding accidents rose by 9% in one year from 2018 to 2019. However, with more awareness around the dangers faced by scaffold workers, this figure would start to fall in the next coming years.

With this in mind, RG Scaffolding-Solihull have listed the 4 risks that are faced today by scaffold workers, such as:

4 reasons why you might think: Is scaffolding dangerous?
  • Falls from Height: The biggest cause of death or serious injury in the construction industry is falls from height, as working on scaffolding adds an extra risk of falling. However, you can prevent this by wearing the appropriate PPE such as, harness and hardhat.


  • Scaffold collapse: If the scaffolding is not put together properly, is scaffolding dangerous? Yes, very much so. All it takes is for one loose bolt for the structure to collapse. Employees and chief supervisors should check there are no defective parts, such as broken boards.


  • Inadequate safety equipment: Here at RG Scaffolding, we must make sure scaffolding workers are supplied with appropriate personal protective equipment. The team also ensure that any safety equipment specific to scaffolding is fit for purpose. Loose harnesses, inadequate hand rails and the absence of safety nets have been known to be contributing factors.


  • Bad Weather: Yes, even in this country and in Birmingham or Warwickshire, poor weather can wreak havoc for outdoor workers, and can put those who work with scaffolding at a high risk of injury. Employers shouldn’t make you work in any unsafe conditions and should consider postponing scaffolding work until the weather improves.

Everyone here at RG Scaffolding has a duty of care to everyone around them, whether that’s their team members or the general public. We make sure that the entire workplace is a safe environment for all and that nobody is put at risk from external factors.

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