Mental Health in Construction

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Man who works in scaffolding suffering from Mental health

Mental Health in Construction

Working in construction can be a fantastic industry to work in, especially the rewards of completing a job, such as removing the scaffolding from Big Ben in London. However, pressure can be high, and people can be more likely to suffer from work-related stress and other mental health issues. For employees, including Men, it often hasn’t felt easy to come forward when something is wrong or to ask a colleague/friend to talk.

There is a CHANGE though!

There is a CHANGE though! Construction businesses, such as RG Scaffolding in Solihull are starting to see their staff’s mental health as a main priority. With plenty of help, information and training available, its easier than ever to put employee mental health and wellbeing at the heart of the construction industry.

Five Steps to support Mental Health

RG Scaffolding is suggesting 5 key steps to build a supportive community around mental health awareness within the construction industry. For example:

Man who works in scaffolding suffering from Mental health
Depression is the biggest killer in men in ages 40 to 45
  • Make, and show your commitment by signing the building mental health charter.
  • Make sure your staff know about your employee assistance programme and the construction industry helpline, available by phone and via their mobile app.
  • Raise awareness about mental health, and teach your employers to recognise signs that colleagues might need some support, and get the conversation started when someone might need some help.
  • Managers and supervisors need training in Mental Health awareness if someone mentions they’re suffering from mental health
  • Train around one in 100 employees or subcontractors as a certified mental health first aider.
Mental Health Awareness in the construction and scaffolding industry

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