Political Uncertainty: The Scaffolding Effect

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Political Uncertainty in the Scaffolding Industry

Political Uncertainty

With Christmas around the corner, something else is lurking too, Political Uncertainty! the snakes of parliament. People of the UK and Northern Island are being urged to vote for a new Government into Number 10, and get Brexit done! But how will this affect the Scaffolding industry and what are the Pro’s and Con’s of Brexit?

A Guarantee from HSE

Here at RG Scaffolding-Solihull, near Birmingham, West Midlands, we deal in a lot of Scaffold design. So, we must be careful to consider the Health and Safety Regulations. The body who governs Health and Safety in the UK states: “Healthy and Safety Protections, and your duties to protect the health and safety of people, and that will not change with Brexit!”

The Scaffolding safety measures are unlikely to change post-Brexit and that means the scaffolding trade will still be necessary and will still be held at the same high standard.

Business as Usual

The only notable changes which has been made so far is the removal of references to the EU on any website, the HSE is making sure that its requirements are only provided to UK Scaffolding sites. When the UK leaves the EU, this will include the protection and regulations currently provided to workers.

No Deal Brexit?

As Boris Johnson continues to negotiate the many different terms of Brexit… over and over and over again, in the event that a Brexit deal cannot be reached, the HSE has stated that it will continue with the same approach, so the existing health and safety regulations are kept relevant to the Scaffolding Safety.  

Got to Keep the Scaffolding Bar High

Way before the HSE issued their clarification, other UK companies had already expressed a desire to uphold the same safety standards, even in the case that regulations were relaxed. We think that speaks volumes of the professionalism within British construction; a sector that RG Scaffolding-Solihull is proud to be a part of.


Here at RG Scaffolding-Solihull, we would like to say a MASSIVE Thank You to all those who have used our services and left us a feedback on our Google My Business page.

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