The town of Redditch is located in north-east Worcestershire, England, approximately 15 miles (24 km) south of Birmingham. As of 2019, the district has a population of 85,000. It became an important centre for the production of fishing tackle and needles in the 19th century. The town and its surrounding neighbourhoods once manufactured 90% of the world’s needles. The 1960s saw it become a model for city planning.

History of Redditch

As far back as 1348, the year of the outbreak of the Black Death, Redditch (Red-Ditch, thought to be the red clay of the River Arrow) was recorded. This area was once a centre of needle-making during the Middle Ages, and later prominent industries included fish hooks, fishing tackle, motorcycles, and springs, the last of which was carried out notably by Herbert Terry and Sons. The population of Redditch grew dramatically from 32,000 to 77,000 after it became a new town in 1964. There were many housing developments created in Birmingham as a result of Birmingham’s expanding industrial sector, such as Church Hill, Winyates, Lodge Park, and Woodrow. 


The town was built as a standard model of modern, sustainable development using new methods: all the main roads (mostly dual carriageways as well as a central ring road) were banked to reduce noise to new housing estates, and the town was landscaped as a whole.

Redditch, also known as a dormitory town for Birmingham, was replaced by modern light industry and services by the turn of the 21st century. Halfords and GKN are both automotive retailers based in Redditch. Samuel Taylor Ltd., a company that manufactures precious metal contacts, has plants in the town. The city of Redditch is experiencing a renaissance in terms of the economy and culture thanks to the redevelopment of Kingfisher Shopping Centre.

Several historical sites are located in the town. In Abbey Ward, as well as Bordesley Abbey and the remains of Moons Moat, the National Needle Museum can be found, as well as the historic site Church Hill, located in the area.

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