Safety Scaffolding UK

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Safety Scaffolding UK

Safe Scaffolding means no Accidents

Safety Scaffolding UK

Across the United Kingdom scaffolding industry, the number of accidents and injuries fell to an all-time low in 2019. Within the ‘Safety Scaffolding UK’ there was just 74 incidents reported throughout the calendar year.


Safety Scaffolding UK

Explaining Safety Scaffolding UK

These figures were released in a safety report, a document which analyses accidents and injuries stats for all scaffolders and workers on a Birmingham site.

Another fantastic statistic revealed that 99% of all employed operatives went through the whole of 2019 injury-free. For the 7th year in a row. However, Slips, trips and falls accounted for the majority of reported incidents – 28 in total.

This is now the 15th year in a row that slips, trips and falls have been the main cause of injury to operatives. This accounts for 21% of injuries in 2019.

Ricki Grenfell, owner and director of RG Scaffolding Birmingham, commented: “The 2020 Safety Report demonstrates in no uncertain terms that our scaffolders are incredibly safe, and justifies the decision taken by an increasing number of main contractors to specify for their scaffolding requirements.”

The Safest Scaffolding company in Birmingham and the UK

Our first priority here at RG Scaffolding is the safety of both our staff, on-site workers and members of the public within the West Midlands area – dependant on the type of job.

  • This is why our Health and Safety Policy is so robust, encompassing –
  • Compliance with the latest laws and regulations
  • Effective communication relating to safety on-site
  • Collaboration with customers and suppliers to ensure jobs are delivered safely
  • Constant re-assessment of our procedures to adapt to new site practices
  • We also support any worker who refuses to work on a site due to poor health and safety

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