Scaffold Boards

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Scaffold Boards | Scaffold | RG Scaffolding Solihull

The Best Scaffold Boards

Within the Scaffolding Industry, timber scaffold boards are always considered as being vital for our job. Scaffold Boards are often used on site for a variety of other functions – walkways across muddy ground and other kneeling boards.

Scaffold Boards | Scaffold | RG Scaffolding Solihull

However, broken scaffold boards can be the cause of some serious accidents while on site, and this is likely because the scaffold boards used in “platform brackets” can break during normal work activities.

Grade A Scaffold Boards

RG Scaffolding Solihull has been using “Grade A” boards for over a decade. And because failures are still – thankfully – a fairly rare occurrence, everyone accepts that Grade A boards are the best ones.


However, Grade A boards are made from “normal” sawmill production, which typically contains between 5% and 10% of boards. So, these would never pass the British Standard, it’s no wonder that a few of them break in use, each year.

BS Boards

BS boards are a particular standard that lays down the specification for what a timber scaffold board should be, and which are then safe to use. In addition to covering size (that is, length, width and thickness, with appropriate dimensional tolerances), it also covers the banding and marking of boards that meet the BS.


Kitemarked Boards

Kitemarked Boards has been applied to the Quality System for producing the boards, so that buyers and users can “trust” the grading and manufacturing process. And what’s more, the Kitemark is not the only Certification Mark out there.

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