What is the positive impact on the Scaffold Future?

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Scaffolding Future in the construction industry

Scaffolding Future

Ricki Grenfell, owner of RG Scaffolding discusses the advancement of technologies that are having a positive impact on scaffolding future and the sector where safety, quality and performance is high demand.

The future of technology is enabling the wider construction industry to achieve so much; it is streamlining delivery, reducing risk and driving productivity across a scaffolding project’s supply chain.

Scaffolding Future in the construction industry

Simple Designs for Scaffolding Future

BIM is giving a project’s entire supply chain improved visibility when it comes to planning, designing and managing built assets. From enabling architects to design-out risk to providing contractors with the capability to digitise construction sites, this intelligent 3D model is optimising work processes and collaboration in a notoriously disjointed scaffolding industry. Not only is it scaffolding future, BIM is also improving the levels of safety for the future of newer buildings in a post-Grenfell society.

Scaffold Designers can reap these benefits with the tools such as the HAKI Design Tool and HAKI BIM; two solutions in which the former enables designers to configure scaffolding designs on a cloud-based platform and the latter advances this configuration on to Revit for greater customisation and capability, particularly when it comes to interacting with the components within the 3D model.

Visualising the Scaffolding Future

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With construction projects, virtual or augmented reality becoming more popular. A 3D model is loaded on to the AR software to give full visibility of the components. Users can then interact and walk through the ‘virtual project world’.

The software named ‘Playground’ allows users to walk around the project directly onscreen. This can be used on any device including a PC, tablet, smartphone, Xbox and PlayStation.

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