Thinking about Scaffolding as a Career?

what about trade? Are you thinking about scaffolding as a career?

We’ll soon be approaching the New Year where most people as their counting down until the fireworks are reconsidering their career options, such as wanting to either continue working 5 days a week or go to part-time hours, thinking of moving into Freelancing, or a change of career altogether. So, what about trade? Are you thinking about scaffolding as a career?

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Scaffolding can be a Great Career

Many people think scaffolding can be a great career but the work is very physically demanding. Actually, it is in fact one of the most physically demanding jobs around in the construction trade. So, first’s things first, for anyone thinking about a scaffolding as a career, a good scaffolder is very hardworking, flexible and has an eye for detail – if that is something you have or at least feel confident it, this is the job for you.

Rewarding Hard work

Yes, scaffolding is hard work, but it can be really rewarding. You will work as part of a team mostly, and there is usually some great camaraderie and banter between scaffolders onsite. Once you have experience there are opportunities to move into supervisory and management roles, which are estimating, training or working in scaffolding design – You could also travel overseas and seek opportunities there.

Passionate Industry

Scaffolding and the construction industry are very passionate about their work, and it probably won’t be the career for you if you are afraid of heights, and aren’t prepared to work outdoors in England’s most unpredictable weather – I mean, have you seen the weather in the West Midlands and Warwickshire area? We see more showers, than what grubby teenagers have.

But still, if you do have the passion and are dedicated to get working on scaffolding no matter the weather or time of day, well this is the industry for you. In fact, here’s a bit of background on Ricki Grenfell, owner of RG Scaffolding-Solihull:

About Ricki Grenfell:

With over 10-years’ experience as scaffolder and landscaper for RG Contractors, Ricki Grenfell has had the opportunity to deliver an extensive array of design and build projects that have transformed homes buildings across the West Midlands.

By exceeding customer expectations and putting clients at the heart of our work, RG Contractors has become one of the region’s most reputable residential construction firms. Our passion for excellence and ambition to grow is driving exciting projects and business opportunities as we continue to deliver high calibre projects.

Ricki Grenfell Owner of RG Contractors

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