Are Interior Scaffolding Designs different to Exterior?

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Scaffolding Locations in Birmingham, West Midlands - Home of RG Scaffolding
Scaffolding in Birmingham, West Midlands - Home of RG Scaffolding

As a Scaffolding Hire company in Birmingham, we both provide Interior and Exterior scaffold designs, but did you know that there is a significant difference in the two designs? Here we will be taking a look as some of the key potential differences between interior scaffolding and exterior.

What is Freestanding and Tied Scaffolding?

The most obvious difference between these two is that generally we don’t consider using Freestanding Scaffold in windy conditions, so when designing external scaffolding we typically use tied as it can also hold higher and heavier loads compared to the freestanding one.

Flooring Considerations?

Birmingham Scaffolfing-Solihull-large-building Scaffolding

The Interior flooring surfaces are frequently less robust than an exterior one, generally it will be given to the leg loads imposed on the floor. Also, consideration is given to the possible need to spread the loads to multiple floors with back propping. There can also be the need to minimise the cosmetic damage to the floor, and as a consequence, interior scaffolding may require protection on the footings.

Is the TG:20 the better option to use?

TG:20 in part was intended to remove the necessity for bespoke design for every piece of scaffold. Whilst the standard is contained and consistent within it are a useful generic guide, there are some occasions when an individualised design is required and can even represent better value. For RG Scaffolding-Solihull, near Birmingham, we were given the option to use more economical, bespoke designs from an experienced design company.

With the result in generic structure which is fit for purpose in many situations, but with limited flexibility. However, the TG:20 eliminates the need for an individual design, it may also mean that cost-savings, function and innovative solutions to tricky and the challenges are overlooked. This can be particularly beneficial when considering the extra complexities that can come with working in small interior spaces. With this in mind, as well as location variables, scaffold design can be the better option.

RG Scaffolding have had a decade full of experience in the construction industry and we can give you experienced and expert advice on any project that you have running or in the works. Contact Scaffolding-Solihull | Birmingham Scaffold Hire today for help and guidance on our scaffold designs and hire.     

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