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The RG Scaffolding Van on location, prime and ready for action at Solihull College

Us here at RG Scaffolding-Solihull in Birmingham, we take pride in to deliver and provide the best bespoke scaffolds for our customers. Even in our dreams, we fantasise about the world’s best scaffolding, and the scaffolding near me that could be lurking around the corner.

Let’s take a look at some examples of the best scaffolding:

Burj Khalifa scaffolding

Standing at a staggering 2,717 feet height, the Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest scaffolding projects around, and it’s been known for since 2008 – unless Elon Musk creates a tall building reaching to the moon, however, we are rest assured that this is scaffoldings best creation.

The Burj Khalifa - the worlds best scaffolding project

Fun little fact, the scaffolding erectors actually assembled the scaffolding during the build, the taller it got, the more scaffold was used. 

I bet you’re wondering already; Why can’t i see the scaffolding near me being assembled or disassembled?

“Hey Ricki, are you scared of heights?”

The Eden Project

Not so much scaffolding near me, but if you really want bespoke scaffolding, why don’t you have a look at this for inspiration? In 1998, the Eden Project was constructed to help educate the public about conservation, sustainability, and how to make our world greener.

The Eden project scaffolding near me

230 miles of scaffolding was required, and it wasn’t just your average shape or design either. The nature of it was to construct two huge biomes, an abnormal amount of reinforced scaffold that was required for the project to be successful.

The land of the Free?

Scaffolding isn’t free, but the idea of creating a giant stature, a symbol of becoming a Free man in the land of America meant a great deal. In just 1984, the famous green lady that stands on the Upper Bay on Liberty Island, was renovated again costing approximately 2 million to assemble the scaffold that would cover the statue.

Wrapped in the aluminium maze from head to toe, the restoration was a huge success, and now many tourists who visit the city can take pictures and selfies without the scaffolding ruining the picture.

The Statue of Liberty

Scaffolding Near Me

We might not have done these projects, but we are inspired by them and that’s how RG Scaffolding-Solihull came to be, we love to cater to our customers’ every requirement, from smaller residential builds to larger corporate builds – we love the any project and the challenges that come with it.

Looking to do some work at a height? Our Scaffolders and Scaffold towers provider a save alternative to ladders. Simply Hire a Scaffolder and call us today. Our Hire rates and delivery chargers are some of the best in the construction industry.  

What our customers say when they hire us

“I hire a scaffolder to do some work on my mums house. I don’t have experience in scaffolding, so I got them deliver and work on my mum’s house in Birmingham. They turned up as expected and was erected when expected. Good service from your guys on the phone and the team that helped on this big project.”     

Brief history about Scaffolding

Have you ever thought what you may look like as a caveman? How do I go about to hire a scaffolder in the prehistoric ages? It has been known that Scaffolding dates back to the prehistoric times due to holes that still exist in the walls of the Palaeolithic caves at Lascaux in South-Western France. They were used for staging to enable the primitive occupants to paint their famous wall paintings over 17,000 years ago.

How to hire a Scaffolder in Solihull, Birmingham

In the early days, before the introduction of the metal tubes in the early 1900’s, wooden branches or lengths of bamboo were used as scaffolding construction. Following the Second World War, a massive building program was begun to reconstruct many of the bombed areas of Britain such as Birmingham and Hull. 

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