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Do you Need efficient scaffolding erection services in Birmingham or the Midlands?

Contact RG Contractors. We serve customers across the Midlands, and throughout the UK.

Gantry scaffolding structures are used when customers need a bridge, platform or loading area that will span a path, lower roof or any other relevant area on site. Their purpose is often associated with giving access to workers or the public where it would otherwise be impossible. 

If your home is under construction or you need domestic scaffolding for a DIY project, new roof or any other reason. RG Contractors Solihull Ltd will deliver and set-up all the scaffolding you need in one day. When you no longer require the scaffolding we will aim to dismantle normally within 48 hours. 

[We will bespoke build scaffolding to suit your new home, from access lift to chimney towers or a waste shoot we will tailor the job to suit your needs.We can erect you a small platform on one side of the chimney or all the way around dependant on what is required. Get in touch today for a  free quotation! 

We offer two types of standard roofs, corrugated tin roofing or shrink wrap roofs suitable for smaller temporary roofs. Both types are much more secure than the standard temporary roofing as they are weatherproof and environmentally friendly being 100% recyclable. Enquire today to find out more.

At RG Contractors scaffolding we specialise in the supplying, set-up and dismantling of access towers for all types of domestic and commercial construction work. Access towers are a safe and often cheaper solution to provide access to the roof of a building. 

Our Services


We provide stable roofing Scaffolds for any type of requirements in and around Birmingham city area.


Chimney Access

Need to repaint or repair a chimney? Contact us for any scaffolding requirements in Birmingham.


Mobile Towers

Our mobile towers may provide the right solution for the job.Servicing all around Birmingham city area.


New Builds

If your home is under construction or you need domestic scaffolding, look no beyond RG Contractors


Platform Gantry

Contact RG Contractors for any kind of Platform Gantry requirements. Wea re available across Birmingham.


Temporary Roofs

Need temporary roofing for any events? Contact us for professional service at reasonable prices.

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