Here at RG Scaffolding Birmingham our Platform Gantry Scaffolding Structures are used when customers need a bridge, platform or loading area that will span a path, lower roof or any other relevant area on site. Such as this example:

RG Scaffolding Birmingham - Roof Gantry

Gantry Scaffolding

Their purpose is often associated with giving access to workers or the public where it would otherwise be impossible. Our Platform Gantry systems can be operated manually or traversed by electric trolleys. 

Using free standing steps, gantries and platforms instead of ladders has significantly improved safety at work, lowing the risk of accidents, no more slips, trips and falls. Platform Gantry are equipped with operating brake which can be used to hold gantry in operators desired working position while working and can slide easily in the direction when it is pushed.

Each Platform Gantry or ladder is equipped with an operating brake which will hold the gantry or ladder in the operators desired working position. The Platform Gantry are designed for inside and outdoor maintenance of structures as per requirement including domes or buildings. These gantry platforms are fabricated with free standing steps and can be often used for accessing warehouse machinery.

Our Platform Gantry are made of profiled aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel that are also available as freestanding or fixed and with or without handrail which reduce the risk of accidents caused by working at heights in many situations. Ladders and travelling Gantry solutions can be designed for inside and external maintenance of some structures such as glazed structures such as domes, atriums and buildings.

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We specialize in Platforms, Telescopic platforms, Inclined platforms, Rotating platforms, Ladders, Traversing Ladders, Telescopic ladders, Simple Gantries and Traversing gantries on Birmingham Sites and other West Midlands locations.