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RG Contractors started from Brindleyplace way back in 2007.
Our team at Brindleyplace have a wealth of experience in all aspects of Scaffolding and design.
We have a specialist team dedicated to working with you at Brindleyplace to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.

Two generations of learning, consulting training, gaining skills and experience. We’re a family business, and we treat you as family, too. We handle every request with the upmost care and professionalism.

All of our projects are designed from the ground up with your requirements in mind. We have been delivering successful projects to a wide customer base for over a decade. We have been delivering successful projects at Brindleyplace to a wide customer base for over a decade.
The majority of our new business from Brindleyplace derives from word of mouth from our highly satisfied customers and fellow businesses within the building trade.
Rest assured our team at Brindleyplace will work with you at every stage to ensure the success of any scaffolding requirements are met.
We provide all kind of scaffolding related services at Brindleyplace like scaffolding for roofing, scaffolding for chimney maintenance and complete scaffolding solutions for any new construction work. We provide scaffolding service for both domestic and commercial requirements and hence irrespective of your requirement size, we will be able to cater to your needs.
We also have mobile scaffolding towers in Brindleyplace that can be useful in many circumstances.
Our service offerings at Brindleyplace also include platform gantry systems and ladder systems and temporary roof systems in case you need to get a temporary roof done at short notice.

We take pride in everything we create, along with our first class workmanship and providing immaculate attention to detail on those inishing touches. 

For those who are totally new to the term Scaffolding, you can read more about it here.

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How Scaffolding looks like

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Scaffolding Locations in Birmingham, West Midlands - Home of RG Scaffolding
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Read more about Scaffolding for roofing, scaffolding for Chimney access and scaffolding for new builds to get a better understanding of our offerings. Knowing more about temporary roofing and about our Mobile scaffolding towers and about platform gantry systems will help you choose our right service. 

Why we stand out from the crowd

Expert and professional advice

Fully project Managed Service

Creative and intelligent ideas

Thorough planning and preparation

It’s all about service, and about making sure that you feel confident with your choice, and know you are getting the safest solution in the field. We take pride in our work, and treat every job as if it were our own home or office.

We care, and it shows.

Our Services


We provide stable roofing Scaffolds for any type of requirements in and around Birmingham city area.


Chimney Access

Need to repaint or repair a chimney? Contact us for any scaffolding requirements in Birmingham.


Mobile Towers

Our mobile towers may provide the right solution for the job.Servicing all around Birmingham city area.


New Builds

If your home is under construction or you need domestic scaffolding, look no beyond RG Contractors


Platform Gantry

Contact RG Contractors for any kind of Platform Gantry requirements. Wea re available across Birmingham.


Temporary Roofs

Need temporary roofing for any events? Contact us for professional service at reasonable prices.


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