Don’t Put Pressure on Scaffolding Specialists

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Scaffolding Training in Birmingham

Ricki Grenfell, the Manager Director of RG Scaffolding is calling on main contractors to refrain from placing unreasonable pressure on scaffolding specialists to continue working on site due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Scaffolding Specialists Pressure

The Governments latest COVID-19 restrictions has not put a stop to Birmingham’s Construction industry, meaning that no contractor should feel obliged through fear or delay penalties or otherwise sending workers to sites that they deem unsafe.

Scaffolding Specialists in Jungle at Birmingham site

This comes after the government advised scaffolding specialists to make risk-based assessments of every project that they’re working on or currently in the process of starting. The Government have made considerable efforts to speak with scaffolding contractors in Birmingham to better understand the challenges they are currently facing.

Health and Safety should be Prioritised

Through this horrific pandemic it has become apparent that many contractors are being unduly pressured to continue working on scaffolding towers & construction sites.

Are Scaffolders allowed to work again?

Ricki Grenfell believes that his employee health and safety should be prioritised at all times and that scaffolding contractors Birmingham should choose to withdraw workers from the site and not be punished for doing so. Additionally, it’s time for the Government to provide more details and advice next time a conference is screened to the public, and of course more information and advice for the construction & scaffolding industry.

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