Scaffolding Training to Resume

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It’s been nearly 10 weeks into Lockdown, and businesses and schools are getting ready to open their doors again providing that social distancing is in place from the 1st June. Scaffolding Training Provider ‘Simian’ is just one of those re-opening next month.

Scaffolding-Birmingham scaffolding training

However, should we aim at testing the water first before coming out of Lockdown?

Scaffolding Training back in Business?

According to Ricki Grenfell, owner of RG Scaffolding in Solihull, near Birmingham, West Midlands, Simian’s plan is to have one course running each day during the first week of June to check the arrangements they have implemented with eventual full function in mind.


So, if all this goes accordingly, the scaffolding training provider hope to steadily ramp back up to a new normal of scaffold training provision.

Physical Amendments in Training

The arrangements we are implementing include physical amendments to the training centre. These will include additional washing facilities, sanitization stations and layout changes to classrooms, site entry and exit processes. This will include a brief questionnaire and temperature readings for delegates.

Social Distancing will be in place, they’ll be the implementation of a one-way system in common walkway area, temporarily reducing the centre’s overall capacity, until we can ensure we can operate safely under the new measures.



However, only customer-facing staff will be required to work at the centres as other support staff continue to be working from home.

Scaffolding Training playing an ‘Essential Part’

The re-emergence of these services will be a welcome sight, such as reopening of CISRS centres is a subject to ratification of COVID-19 protection arrangements and documentation of their processes, where necessary.


The world scaffolding training, and health and safety consultancy providers specialising in the workspace. Their industry knowledge ensures clients benefits and total peace of mind.  

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