Why do we use Scaffolding?

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Why do we use scaffolding?

Why do we use Scaffolding? This temporary structure is used to elevate, offer support and provide strength and materials during a construction project in BirminghamWest Midlands

Why do we use scaffolding?

RG Scaffolding from SolihullBirmingham uses scaffolding for repairing or cleaning structures of high places. They are installed prior to construction or starting of some maintenance work. However, whatever size of the building, scaffolding should always be required for Health and Safety purposes.

Ensuring safety of our workers while a building is being maintained or built is essential, it also provides some degree of support to a standing structure during the construction phase.

Below are three reasons for ‘why do we use scaffolding?’:
  1. Ensure Safety

Safety is our most priority in a Birmingham Construction site; using scaffolding, therefore, becomes important for creating a secure workplace for workers working on the scaffold structure at height.


This really helps in a speedy construction of different structures, maintaining balance for workers becomes easier with scaffolding equipment; so, the chances of unwanted accidents will go down a lot.


  1. Easy Access

The construction of high-rise buildings is a difficult task because there are many parts to a building, which are difficult to reach for workers because of their position. Scaffolding solves this major problem and workers can focus on their work without any difficulty.


They can reach any part of the wall or ceiling of a building within arm’s length. As a small platform of wood, fibreglass, or lightweight metal, it offers the much-needed height to finish a task easily and efficiently.


  1. Position Advantage

A big advantage of scaffolding is the strategic position it provides to workers. Though ladders are also used for this purpose, they are mounted at an angle and they don’t offer a solid platform that workers can balance. Scaffolding puts workers directly in front of the portions of the wall or ceiling where they need to work. This provides them great leverage. If multiple workers are required to work simultaneously side by side, that’s not possible using ladders.

Final Thoughts on ‘Why do we use Scaffolding’?

By now, it must be clear that scaffolding is a necessary and essential part in any construction project, whether it’s about erecting high-rise buildings or carrying out repairs and maintaining existing structures

Scaffolding not only ensures strength and faster completion of any project or building, it also guarantees the safety of all the workers and members of the public during the construction period. So, make sure you hire a credible scaffolding contractor like – well, us; RG Scaffolding Birmingham, near Solihull, West Midlands.


Here at RG Contractors in BirminghamWest Midlandsour team is continuing to grow and thrive even through these difficult times. The team are dedicated, highly skilled and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service.


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