How much weight can Scaffolding Hold?

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Us here at RG Scaffolding-Solihull · Birmingham Hire, your scaffolding specialists, and we have always wondered and asked the question to our customers about how much weight could be used on a scaffold or scaffolding tower. It’s pretty straightforward actually, if you’re involved in the erection and hire side of the scaffolding well then, you’re going to have to know the answer.

What is the maximum weight it can hold?

If you erect, inspect and/or provide scaffolding for others, you need to know what the intent is of the scaffold being used. These standards are there to ensure that people like you and I use the scaffolding in a safe manner, in a manner where we never exceed the weight limit, in fact all parties involved with the scaffold have an obligation about working in a dangerous environment and if the scaffolding feels and looks unsafe.

The Designer must know what scaffolding is going to be used and how much support it’s going to need for the weight, while the erector must know how it will be used, so it can be accommodated to the heavy loads. The daily inspector of the scaffolding must know not only how much it can support but also how much load is actually on the scaffold surface.

And then finally, the user/contractor must know the limits of the scaffold so they do not put any more workers and materials, so that the scaffold can safely hold the support.

What type of loads can Scaffolding support?

There are actually two types of loads. The first load is the allowable weight and then the second is the preferred weight, the allowable weight is determined by the manufacture and the name implies when you load the scaffolding such as, is the weight allowed on the platform. While on the other hand, the preferred load must never be more than over the allowable load. If worst case scenario, the load is more than the allowable weight, the scaffold will collapse at the worse possible condition.

In theory, the manufacture of the scaffold should test and determine how much weight It can support without it collapsing. Using data found when testing the scaffolding, a safety factor was applied to the test results and the allowable weight was calculated. This is the load to expect and provided the scaffold is erected properly and accordingly, following the manufactures requirements.

Don’t overload

If you’re the user of the scaffolding, it is your obligation to make sure you do not over load the scaffold and platform, this includes, the equipment, vertical members, horizontal members and the bracing, plus any other components that are used for the scaffolding structure. The platform load is the weight of the components used for the platform gantry, this would be the plank or other materials that are used in the construction stage.

What does all this mean?

All this means that all involved parties must discuss the use of the scaffold and the anticipated live load of the scaffolding for support. The user of the scaffolding must control the amount of material and the number of workers that will be on the scaffold. Remember, the higher the scaffolding, the less live load and plank levels it will support. The scaffold can be designed to support any weight load and any other requirements that are informed by the user.

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