What is Scaffold Netting?

What is Scaffold Netting? You know the type of green mesh that you usually see tied between the scaffolding poles, well their actually called ‘Debris Netting’ and they’re used on construction sites to contain debris and prevent any debris from falling off a scaffolding platform.

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What is Scaffold Netting?

In 2005, the work and height regulations were required that where public access to a potential danger area is necessary, then debris netting must be used at all times to catch falling materials, including dust which can cause eye injuries. However, risk assessments must also be carried out to determine the safety measures that need to be installed.

What is Scaffold Netting? They're a type of netting to help prevent debris from falling

Debris Netting or scaffold netting can be made of arrange of materials, such as:

You may have also noticed that scaffold netting is typically green. However, in more high-profile areas the netting can be provided using printed materials that can for example show the façade of the building behind the material, images or advertisements of the company including logos.

Find out more on Scaffolding including, Planning Permission for scaffold sites, and health and safety.

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